S&P Dow Jones Indices – ケース・シラー17年8月指数発表


過去約2年に渡り、旧ソロモンキャピタル「Hawaii Local News」中で、
毎月末にお知らせしていました米国住宅価格指数として一番信頼できるS&P Dow Jones社
お知らせ致します。 また枠を変えて、ハワイ・ローカル・ニュースも継続して


きましたが、今月も同様です。 20都市にフォーカスを当てて、毎月お知らせをしていますが、

シアトルの13.2%の伸びを筆頭に、ラス・ベガス → 8.6%, サン・ディエゴ → 7.8% と好調です。


“Home price increases appear to be unstoppable,” says David M. Blitzer,
Managing Director and Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices.
“August saw the National Index annual rate tick up to 6.1%; all 20 cities followed in
the report were up year-over-year while one, Atlanta, saw the seasonally adjusted
monthly number slip 0.2%. Most prices across the rest of the economy are barely
moving compared to housing. Over the last year the consumer price index rose 2.2%,
driven largely by energy costs. Aside from oil, the only other major item with price
gains close to housing was hospital services, which were up 4.6%. Wages climbed 3.6%
in the year to August.
“The ongoing rise in home prices poses questions of why prices are climbing and
whether they will continue to outpace most of the economy. Currently, low mortgage
rates combined with an improving economy are supporting home prices. Low interest
rates raise the value of both real and financial long- lived assets. The price gains
are not simply a rebound from the financial crisis; nationally and in nine of the
20 cities in the report, home prices have reached new all-time highs. However, home
prices will not rise forever. Measures of affordability are beginning to slide,
indicating that the pool of buyers is shrinking. The Federal Reserve is pushing short
term interest rates upward and mortgage rates are likely to follow over time, removing
a key factor supporting rising home prices.”

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全米20都市 - 前年比 5.9%up、前月比0.4%up 202.87point


s.m. yoshida
Nov.10th, 2017