S&P Dow Jones Indices – ケース・シラー17年7月指数発表


過去約2年に渡り、旧ソロモンキャピタル「Hawaii Local News」中で、
毎月末にお知らせしていました米国住宅価格指数として一番信頼できるS&P Dow Jones社
お知らせ致します。 また枠を変えて、ハワイ・ローカル・ニュースも継続して


シアトルの14.3%の伸びを筆頭に、ポートランド → 8.2%, ダラス → 7.7% と好調です。


“The trend of increasing home prices is continuing、
Price increases are supported by a tight housing market. Both the number of homes for sale and the
number of days a house is on the market have declined for four to five years. Currently the
months-supply of existing homes for sale is low, at 4.2 months. In addition, housing starts
remain below their pre-financial crisis peak as new home sales have not recovered as fast as
existing home sales.“

“Rising prices are the principal factor driving affordability down. However, other drivers of
affordability are more favorable: the national unemployment rate is down, and the number of
jobs created continues to grow at a robust pace, rising to close to 200,000 per month.
Wages and salaries are increasing, maintaining a growth rate a bit ahead of inflation. Mortgage
rates, up slightly since the end of 2016, are under 4%. Given current economic conditions and the
tight housing market, an immediate reversal in home price trends appears unlikely.”

関連記事弊社サイト: https://wp.me/p8bSDl-I0

全米20都市 - 前年比 5.7%up、前0.7%up 200.54point


s.m. yoshida
Aug. 31, 2017